Your Local Eco-friendly Decorating Company

It’s been a long road to get where we are.  We started from nothing and we’re still growing and learning.  Here’s our story:

Muddy Boots HallwayCeltic Sustainables was set up in 2009 after Glyn, the founder of our company, used a natural paint to decorate his children’s bedrooms.  He was concerned about the level of chemicals in conventional paint and was looking for a healthier alternative.  He discovered that conventional paints give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) — chemicals that evaporate in the air — that can lead to serious health problems.

Glyn was also deeply concerned with the sustainability of conventional paints. Not only does paint production involve the use of non-sustainable resources, producing one litre of paint can result in many litres of toxic waste.

With all this in mind Glyn set about researching products that are not only safer for our health and for the health of our homes, but are also much better for the environment.  He came across Earthborn clay paints and happily used them to paint his children’s rooms.  The paint had no smell and his children slept safely and soundly in the same room that night.

Child's bedroomFrom that point, Glyn began to offer a full range of eco-friendly paints from the Celtic Sustainables shop in Cardigan Town, West Wales.

Our shop offers top quality paint and decorating materials for both internal and external use, oils for all types of wood, eco-friendly accessories and cleaning products.  We subsequently launched our website ( to offer these great products to a wider audience.

If you are looking for breathable, healthy, environmentally friendly, natural paint without compromising on performance then the Celtic Sustainables shop is packed full of them.  We stock a whole range of paints and wood finishes for all interior and exterior applications. Manufacturers include: Auro, Earthborn, Osmo and Farrow & Ball. Our range is always expanding, and includes lime mortars and renders, non-itch insulation, and eco fuels for wood burners and barbeques.

At Celtic Sustainables we will always give the best independent advice, and tell you “what’s in the tin” for everything they sell.  If we don’t know it, or don’t like it, we won’t sell it.  We pride ourselves on providing helpful and friendly advice, and an economic and efficient delivery service, whilst keeping our prices the lowest around.

You can get in touch online, over the phone, or by calling into our shop which is open 6 days a week.  Call in and see us for advice or just a chat, or visit our webshop for more information.


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