How to Recycle your Wrapping Paper

Image by Brian Fagan
Image by Brian Fagan

Figuring out what to do with all of the wrapping paper floating about on your living room floor is one of the most obvious environmental worries at Christmas time, and whilst you can make sure to give responsibly-wrapped seasonal gifts it isn’t quite as easy to properly dispose of the not-so-friendly wrapping paper you may receive. Whilst some councils will accept wrapping paper with the rest of your household recycling, some others won’t – please check with them before putting it in.

What’s in wrapping paper?

Apart from the gift, of course, wrapping paper is often made up of a few materials which make it difficult to recycle:

  • Wrapping paper is often dyed, laminated, or it contains non-paper additives such as gold and silver shapes, glitter, and plastics which can’t be recycled
  • Some wrapping paper is quite thin, with very few good quality fibres to be recycled
  • Sticky tape is often left on the wrapping paper, making recycling more of a problem

How can you recycle it?

  • Some councils let you put wrapping paper in your ordinary recycling bin at home
  • Other councils will ask you to take wrapping paper to the local recycling centre
  • Some councils don’t take wrapping paper at all, because some recycled paper mills won’t take it for a number of reasons.

Buy recycled wrapping paper

To help out others with their recycling, you could wrap up your gifts in recycled and recyclable wrapping paper – hopefully the good deed will rub off on your friends and family by next Christmas!


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