No VOC Silicate Masonry Paint & Primer

Silicate masonry paint is an ethical, traditional, and environmentally-friendly no VOC alternative to conventional masonry paints which are often packed with dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Earthborn Logo

Water-based, and entirely VOC free, Earthborn Silicate Masonry Paints and Primers create a weather-resistant, breathable, waterproof skin which works with the fabric of the building and prevents mould and algae growth for up to 15 years between re-paints.

Where can I use Earthborn Paints?

The no VOC silicate masonry paint is highly versatile, and can be used for various projects and wall-types, including:

  •        Exteriors and Interiors;
  •        Old or New Masonry;
  •        All mineral surfaces, including Brick, Stone, Concrete, Pebble-Dash, Limewash,              Plaster, and Render;
  •        Historic Buildings and Restoration.

Why choose Silicate Masonry Paint?


There are several good reasons for using Earthborn Silicate Masonry Paint as opposed
to conventional masonry paint or traditional limewash:

  • Lasting up to 15 years without repainting, Earthborn will stave off the effects of the weather for three to five times longer than limewash or conventional paints.
  • Compatibility with all kinds of surfaces, including Cementatious Renders, means the paints can be used for almost any project.
  • Requiring only as many coats as a conventional masonry paint, silicate paints are no more difficult to apply. A single primer coat should be followed by 2 coats of paint by rolling, brushing, or spraying.
  • Combining the best qualities of conventional masonry paint and limewash, Earthborn offers excellent breathability and superb moisture resistance, as well as a good resistance to mould and algae due to its natural alkalinity.
  • With only 5% acrylics/acrylic softener content, and 0% VOC content, the health and environmental risks of the paint are extremely low.
  • Silicate Masonry Paint by Earthborn is available in a wide range of colours, and when applied provides a vibrant and delicate appearance.

Celtic Sustainables is dedicated to environmental friendliness and good quality products. If we don’t like it, we don’t stock it!

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