Superb Baavet wool duvet comes in different sizes and togs.

We’re Baa-rmy for Baavet!

3-4duvetWhilst lambs are springing up all around, the wintry weather still isn’t quite behind us, and we’re all trying to keep cosy until the sun decides to put his hat on once more for what forecasters are promising to be the longest summer since 1919 (but doesn’t that sound just a little too familiar?). Whilst we wait, we here at Celtic Sustainables can quite honestly think of no better way to wrap up warmly than with a Baavet duvet.

Made from 100% natural Welsh wool in Gwynedd, North-West Wales, the duvets are put together without any chemicals, bleach, polymers, or polypropylene liner – they’re completely natural! The cotton lining is made especially for Baavet: it’s all of the best quality 250 thread count, and is put through a calendering heat process to make it completely fibre proof. What’s more, Baavet was featured on Dragons’ Den in February this year and has been in exceptionally high demand ever since – it’s the duvet to be seen (or slept) in!

Why buy a Baavet?

2-3duvetHere are the top reasons we think you should pick a Baavet woollen duvet over any other:

  • They’re made here in Wales from 100% British wool – your duvet won’t need to be shipped all the way from Australia or Eastern Europe. In fact, even the packaging is British!
  • Unlike feather duvets, wool duvets are breathable and wick moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry;
  • They’re naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant;
  • There are no nasty chemicals inside, so you can sleep soundly with complete peace of mind.
  • You won’t have to worry about buying ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ duvets ever again – a Baavet duvet is for life: all year, every year, forever!

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