Hemp Insulation: Why all the Hype?

Hemp insulation is a durable, low-carbon, sustainable insulator. Having been used throughout history for diverse durable applications such as ropes, sails, and clothing, there is a rich heritage behind today’s use of hemp insulation. The hemp fibre used to create the insulation is wonderfully resilient, breathable, and regulates thermal performance whilst retaining its structural firmness.


Hemp insulation’s eco credentials stem from the plant’s high rate of growth, versatility, biodegradability, and non-toxicity. Able to grow in diverse conditions, hemp needs minimal amounts of water and does not rely on artificial irrigation. Adding to its appeal, the plant is a natural weed deterrent due to its rate of growth and can be grown without the use of any chemical pesticides or herbicides. Choosing this natural insulation also helps out the earth itself, as the plant is a ‘break’ crop between other crop rotations and thus allows the soil to regain the nutrients it needs to produce healthy cereal crops.

It’s a Carbon Negative Crop!

Whilst the hemp plant grows, it will absorb up to two tonnes of CO₂ per tonne of fibre harvested, therefore reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The CO₂ is never released from the hemp throughout its lifetime, and the overall manufacturing process will create less of a carbon footprint than the plant clears up.


HempHemp makes an excellent insulator. This is due to its low conductivity levels and its high thermal mass. Hemp insulation will not only keep your home warm in the winter, but cool in the summer, and will insulate your home from the obtrusive sounds of the world outside.

The product’s breathability also regulates condensation by allowing the moisture to travel through the insulating layer. Use of hemp insulation in a wood framed structure will prevent moisture from building up inside the timbers.

One of the problems with some other kinds of insulation is that the products are unable to maintain their form throughout their lifetime. Hemp is a much sturdier material, maintaining a semi-rigid structure and resisting any slumping. It can be used for roofs, cavity walls and solid walls, and floors as well as for acoustic insulation.

Hemp Insulation from Celtic Sustainables

Hemp 2014Here at Celtic Sustainables we support the use of hemp as an eco-friendly insulation and building material. Hemp insulation from Thermafleece is ideal for quick and easy installation, and contains 60% UK grown hemp and a high recycled content.

We also provide bales of Tradical Hemp Shiv (the chopped, fibrous stem of the hemp plant), which when combined with lime form insulating hemp-lime plasters and renders.

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