Eco Brushes: Painting for the Planet

There really is no excuse not to consider the environmental effects of home decorating when so much of what we need can be sourced responsibly, right down to the brushes we paint our walls with! Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials in existence. Its fast growth and versatility make it perfect for use in place of other, slowly-grown timbers such as oak. In fact, Bamboo isn’t a tree but a fast-growing woody perennial, and it can grow up to 3ft in a single day with little fertiliser, water, or additional care. It is hard, hard-wearing, and lightweight.

6 Brilliant reasons to Buy Bamboo

  1. Deforestation is reduced as the plant is so easily replaced in so little time
  2. Harvests occur every five years
  3. Bamboo absorbs carbon as it grows, cleaning the environment for us!
  4. There is no soil erosion between harvests as the roots of the plant are left intact
  5. Produces 35% more oxygen than trees
  6. Throughout the lifetime of a tree, it produces 20 times more timber than the tree          would

3_brush_pack-1EcoEzee Eco Brushes

EcoEzee eco brushes are sustainable and long lasting, and provide a far superior alternative to ordinary throwaway brushes. Their long, thick, blended bristles are suited to all kinds of paints, and the bamboo handle is strong, lightweight, and entirely sustainable. The ferrule is made of completely recycled stainless steel, and the filaments are a blend of recycled natural and synthetic bristles designed to provide a lifetime of consistently good results. Each of the eco brushes is solid, round-tapered (SRT), tipped, and flagged.

Available individually or in 3- or 5-piece multipacks in sizes from 1” to 4”, each purchase of an EcoEzee eco brush includes a donation to Rainforest Rescue, who are working to protect the rainforests of Australia and the world.

Harris Down to Earth Eco Paintbrushes

d2e-packHarris is renowned for its quality paintbrushes, and now it provides its own expansive range of eco brushes with a smooth, lightweight, cornstarch handle which is entirely biodegradable. The head of the brush is a combination of synthetic filaments and natural bristles, whilst the ferrule is made from biodegradable steel.

The Harris Down to Earth eco brushes are available individually or as a great value 3-piece multipack from Celtic Sustainables in sizes from 1” to 3”.

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