3P Technik Water Butts: a Brief Guide

Saving rainwater to take care of your garden, plants, and animals is the most natural way of ensuring that your environment is properly hydrated. Avoiding using drinking water for non-drinking purposes means using less energy, spending less money, and doing a better job for the environment.

Why use a Water Butt?3P Tuscan

  • When properly utilised, a water butt can provide all of the water you will need to keep your garden alive during the long, hot summer months.
  • Using a watering can to transfer rainwater from the butt to your plants, you can ensure you are not using any more water than is necessary whilst avoiding wasting high quality drinking water.
  • Your carbon footprint will be drastically lowered. Currently, the average household has half a tonne of water delivered to their home each day, incurring massive costs in money and energy.
  • If all households in the UK were to use a water butt, around 30,000 million litres of water would be conserved each summer – enough to fill the Bewl Water reservoir which dried out in the summer of 2006.
  • Acidic rainwater is actually better for our plants than the chalky liquid we prefer to drink, so everyone benefits!


The high quality water butts on offer at Water Butt Shop are designed to fit unobtrusively into all kinds of settings, from country gardens to town centre backyards. The 3P Technik water butts are available in wood effect, stone effect, and space saving designs and all are made from high quality, rota moulded polyethylene, each featuring brass threaded inserts.

To decide how small or large a tank you will need, consider the amount of water you are likely to need depending upon your plant varieties and the size of your garden. Any number of water butts can be connected together if needs be.

Our Range

3P Utility TankProviding for house builders, developers, and retailers, the products we have on offer vary greatly in size, cost, and appearance. Ranging from £168 (inc VAT) for our 275 Litre Tuscan Water Butt (above) to £618 for our 1500 Litre Utility Tank (left), there is an option for every application.

For a full list of the products we currently have in stock, visit the Water Butt Shop.


All of our water butts are shipped free of charge.


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