Earthborn Pigments for Eco Paints

Here at Celtic Sustainables, we stock a huge range of Earthborn’s eco paint, but if none of the many colours we have is quite right for your decorating needs, why not check out these Earthborn Pigments designed to be added to any of their Claypaint, Matt Emulsion, Midsheen Emulsion, or Casein Eco Paint shades?

These natural earth and mineral powders provide a source of concentrated colour for eco paint blending and some even contain naturally occurring metallic flakes to add an extra shine to any special effects such as colour washes, dragging, sponging, and stencilling! They are all fade resistant, and can also be mixed with lime washes, clays, glazes, plasters, mortars, and Earthborn’s Silicate Masonry Paint.

Ingredients: Natural Goodness!     

You’ll be glad to know that all of the Earthborn Pigments are made of entirely natural ingredients:

  •          Earth pigments
  •          Mineral pigments
  •          Metal pigments
  •          Trinatrium citrate

There are 48 odour-free pigments to choose from, and each is available in 75g and 500g sizes. Take a look!

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