Farrow & Ball – Low VOC Paints from the Traditional Environmentalists


Fexterior-masonryarrow & Ball’s paints are some of the finest, most attractive environmentally friendly paints around. They are completely water based, and available for both interior and exterior walls as well as wood, metal, painted furniture and floors, in a wide range of 132 beautiful and traditional colours.

Environmental Conscience

All of the Farrow & Ball paints we stock are eco-friendly, with low or minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content and a water base. The paints’ low odour and quick drying time are beneficial both to you and the natural world.


Begun in the 1930s by John Farrow and Richard Ball, Farrow & Ball has worked with a number of household names including the Admiralty and the War Office, and more recently the National Trust. Having stuck to their guns since the beginning, the company has never diverted from its instinct to stick to natural ingredients as opposed to the plastics and harmful chemicals that so many paint manufacturers have taken to using. To this day, Farrow & Ball paints are manufactured at the company’s factory in Dorset, England, to go on to destinations around the globe.

modern-emulsionDistinctive Paint Names

Farrow & Ball takes as much care over its unusual paint names as it does over the paints themselves. Unmistakably F&B names include Elephant’s Breath, Dead Salmon, and Mouse’s Back amongst many others, and each has its meaning. Dead Salmon, for example, is derived from a painting bill for the library at Kedleston Hall of 1805, and the Dead refers to the finish used for the paint.


Farrow & Ball wallpapers are printed with the company’s own paints. With a new line of wallpapers available since 2013, there is a print for everyone.

Find Farrow & Ball Online

We sell a bundle of F&B paints here at Celtic Sustainables. You can find them online or in our store. Just go to the contact page to track us down.

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