Montezuma Eco Eggs

Montezuma Milk Chocolate and OrangeAlthough it seems we’ve only just responsibly disposed of our mountains of festive wrapping paper, we’re already coming up to the next chocolate-fest on the calendar, and all of the mountains of waste that go along with it. When I was ploughing through my own great fields of chocolate eggs as a child, removing the layers (upon layers) of overly-complicated packaging was all part of the fun. Since then, however, I’ve come to realise that a) landfill is horrible, and; b) it’s the chocolate that is central to Easter, and all of the pointless packaging is really only distracting us from the what lies at the core of this traditional holiday.

Montezuma Dark Chocolate and Cocoa NibsAvoiding sending multiple rubbish bags of non-recyclable plastics to landfill whilst also allowing yourself and your family to gorge on delicious chocolate is now a little easier than it has been: Montezuma’s Eco-eggs are cleverly housed using packaging which has been and can be recycled, making it the most environmentally friendly Easter egg in the UK. The box is made from pulp, just like regular boxes, but is fitted snuggly to the egg to avoid any unnecessary waste. The pretty outer wrapper is also recyclable, as is the final foil layer (you can take it to the local recycling bank, but some local councils accept it with the rest of the kerbside collection).

Montezuma Eco Eggs are available at Holland & Barrett (on half-price sale at the moment) in Milk Chocolate with Sweet Orange or Dark Chocolate with Crunchy Cocoa Nibs.

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