The Health Benefits of Lemon and Ginger Tea

Dominik Martin 2When you come to cast your mind back to the time before you started each day with lemon and ginger tea, you’ll wonder how you ever started your days at all. Coffee may satisfy an addiction, but it doesn’t quite match the feeling of on-top-of-the-world vitality that lemon and ginger tea will give you before you walk out the door in the morning.

Strictly, lemon and ginger tea is actually an infusion rather than a true tea. There’s no straining involved, and no bag to squeeze, and if you follow the recipe below then it’s completely fresh.

The health benefits of lemon and ginger tea

Salmonella & other bacterial Infections

Lemon and ginger tea should be recruited as the best friend of anyone who wants to avoid salmonella and other nasty bacterial infections (so, that’s everyone), thanks to ginger’s active ingredient, zingiber, and the immune-system-bolstering pectin and limonene in lemon. According to a 2009 study by T.E. Ayogu, PhD, published in the Internet Journal of Third World Medicine, ethanol-based ginger extract kills salmonella typhi bacteria.


Add a little honey to your lemon and ginger tea to help reduce fever, says online magazine Living Life … Boomer Style. Ginger is a diaphoretic, so it causes you to sweat. Thanks to the 2012 issue of the Journal of Innate Immunity, we know that sweating releases dermcidin, a natural antibiotic which strengthens the immune system and fights off infections and viruses.

Mood and Concentration

There’s nothing quite like the ultra-freshness of a lemon to give you that walking-on-sunshine, I-can-do-anything feeling of goodness and general positivity. According to Living Life … Bloomer Style, the scent of lemon alone increases concentration, and it is recommended that lemon water is drunk every few hours. Sipping a warm lemon and ginger tea can relieve tension, which is perfect for tea breaks at work, your fourth study break of the hour, or a post-workout chill-out session.

What else?

This little miracle drink will also reduce stress, keep coughs and colds at bay, bring motion sickness to a halt, and aid digestion. It will ease pains related to arthritis, improve blood-flow, and help prevent heart disease.

Make it yourself:


  1. 1 ginger root (a few slices of)
  2. 1 lemon
  3. Boiling water
  4. A little honey (optional, but fever-fighting and quite soothing if you have a sore throat)


  1. A sharp knife
  2. A kettle or pan to boil water in
  3. A mug, or other heat-resistant cup


Cut up a little ginger root into four or five slices, adding them to the vessel of your choice. Cut a lemon in half, and then take a cross-sectional slice of it to add to the ginger. Use a lemon juicer to squeeze out the rest of the lemon juice and pour this in with the rest of the ingredients. Drop in some honey here, if you like. Add boiling water, wait a few minutes for the mixture to infuse, and drink every morning for the rest of your life.

You’re welcome.


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