Green Dragon Farm Grown Fuel – a Great British Eco Fuel

home-banner-shopdragon-logoWe like nothing better than a bit of environmentally responsible recycling, and Green Dragon Farm Grown Fuel knows exactly what recycling is worth. A unique product made from the by-product of rapeseed crushing, it’s a truly green alternative to burning wood and coal.

Green Dragon isn’t just putting this by-product to use, but is offering a much cleaner and more efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Farm Grown Fuel burns three times longer than its wood equivalent, and it gives twice as much heat! What’s more, this sustainable fuel is grown here in Britain, following the natural crop rotation of a group of farmers who are doing things the sustainable way.


You can use the Farm Grown briquettes or nuggets for all solids fuel burning appliances including stoves, wood burners, boilers, and open fires, and they’ll keep you feeling toasty right through the year.


Green Dragon makes sure to leave nothing to waste – they use the whole seed, and work to high environmental standards. Helping to preserve wildlife habitats, and working with other organisations to keep impacts low, they’re a real eco company!

Calfire Eco Fans

To get even more heat for your money and use even less energy, try one of our Calfire Eco Fans – they work by pushing heat from a fire into the room, and they don’t need any power!briquettes_1


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