Build a Tiny House in the Garden

Winterdale Cheese Car Stephen CravenTiny houses are suddenly all the rage. In the USA, where everything from cars to hamburgers is supersized, the houses have started growing in the opposite direction. Reacting to the extravagances we all know and love America for, a growing number of Americans are throwing in the towel on huge square-footage and choosing instead to live in wheeled sheds in the garden. As a tiny house has wheels attached, it isn’t actually considered a proper dwelling so there’s no need for planning permission, and the simple smallness of the little houses makes living in them extremely economical.

Whilst living in a tiny house might not appeal to everyone (there’s the major lifestyle change and limited room for a family to think about), there are other uses for a planning-free construction at the end of the garden.

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Portland_alternative_dwellings_workshopOutdoor Office

Working from home has a number of benefits, including cutting down on the commute, being close enough to home to take care of the children without being so close that you can’t hear your own thoughts, and having your own, relaxed working space where the only person you have to contend with is yourself. Keep your tiny outdoor office warm in the winter with a small biofuel stove, some low-energy eco fuel and an eco-fan to make a little fuel go a lot further.

Tiny_house,_PortlandSunny Studio

Getting away from the house is one of the best ways of clearing your mind and letting the creative juices flow. An outdoor studio in your tiny house would give you the ideal place to relax and concentrate on your craft without the distractions of a noisy family, the washing machine, and this morning’s dishes. Before getting your canvas out, you’ll want to get the garden studio itself looking its best. Natural wood treatments will keep the little cabin happy without releasing chemicals into the room.

Tiny_house_interior,_PortlandGrandma’s Grotto

When the time comes for the older generation to receive a little care, having somewhere to live at least semi-independently but with family near can really help with the adjustment. Tiny houses are a cheaper alternative to more common annexes, and are easily insulated with natural wool insulation so that they can be used year-round.

Kids’ Castle

It makes sense to let your tiny people make use of your tiny house, and if you want to keep the mess and mayhem of a playroom out of the main home then an indoor-outdoor den is ideal. It keeps them safe, warm, and dry, as well as giving them some freedom to play alone. Your tiny house could even have a first floor fitted at kid-friendly height. Also, turning a tiny house into a playroom could make an ideal opportunity for a little home decorating with children.


Going in the opposite direction, you could make your tiny house a no-child zone by turning it into your own private sauna. Chris did it, and because it has wheels he can easily take it with him if he moves. Keep the heat in with some natural wool insulation.


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