The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund: Cashback for Efficiency Upgrades

61HIn recent years, there have been a few options made available to homeowners who want to save – or even make – some money whilst lowering their bills and improving the energy efficiency of their homes. The latest of these is the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), launched on June 1st 2014. Applications are open to everyone, regardless of age or financial situation, and can result in being granted up to £1,000 cashback on various home improvement measures such as insulation, glazing, and boiler replacements.

For recent homebuyers who found their new dwelling within the last year, there is a further £500 available. Solid wall insulation can be installed at a saving of 75% off a maximum of £6,000.

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is currently available to people living in England and Wales, and is hoped to help the Government with its plans to improve the energy efficiency of one million homes each year until 2020.

“The Home Improvement Fund is exactly what’s needed to accelerate the uptake of the Green Deal,” says Garry Steven-Smith, CEO of Elite Network, a national network of Green Deal advisors and installers, who have produced an excellent beginner’s guide to the scheme.

“We feel it will be attractive to homeowners because the included measures are the most effective energy saving home improvements. Whilst the grant could cover the entire cost of some measures, realistically many of the combined measures will need a financial contribution but are still worth tapping into before April 2015, when the scheme expires.”

Eligibility for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

To qualify, you must:

  • Have already had an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or Green Deal Assessment Report (GDAR) completed within the last two years, with the cost of the GDAR being partially refundable if some of the recommend measures are taken up.
  • Apply for a voucher before any work is done
  • Have the project carried out by one of the registered Green Deal installers, a directory of which will be launched in August.

Find out How to Apply for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

Included Measures

  • You could get up to £1,000 off your home improvements for installing two of these measures:
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Condensing gas boiler
  • Double or triple-glazing, if it replaces single glazing
  • Energy efficient doors
  • Fan-assisted storage heaters
  • Flat roof insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Flue gas heat recovery
  • Replacement warm-air unit
  • Room-in-roof insulation
  • Secondary glazing
  • Waste water heat recovery

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