Biomass Fuel becomes more Sustainable with Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)

Log PileBiomass fuel is about to become even more sustainable, as producers are being urged to register their businesses on the government’s brand new biomass suppliers list (BSL).

The list will tie in to the renewable heat incentive (RHI), making sure that claimants buy from listed businesses if they want their cash incentive. This will help Ofgem, which is putting the list together, to reassure themselves that the biomass fuel supported by the RHI really is as sustainable as it claims to be.

If you run a biomass business, then click here to register. Application is free, but the process will be different for different types of suppliers.

Registering your home-grown biomass

If you want to grow and burn your own biomass fuel, you can register as a self-supplier on the BSL without undertaking an assessment as long as your boiler is less than 1 megawatt (MW). However, the wood you burn has to come from the same ‘estate’ as the installation. The supply can be added to using fuel from a registered supplier, or with waste wood fuel. To stick to the rules, you need to keep a record of the origin and amount of waste wood fuel you use for the sake of auditing.

Ofgem is planning to audit some RHI applicants, and anyone claiming for biomass which is found not to be a verified sustainable fuel could lose their subsidies. Whilst some critics of the BSL have wondered whether the list will form a two-tier market where fuel from the list is more expensive than non-listed fuel, the DECC says there is no certainty about whether the listed suppliers will pass on the increased costs associated with compliance onto their customers and that they will be “monitoring the impact of the BSL on fuel prices”.


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