Can I get a Range Cooker and Boiler with an Automatic Feeder?

aga cropThe joy of cooking is only increased by fuelling your foodie adventures with eco-friendly biomass, combining the feel-good factor of food with the conscience-clearing goodness of biomass fuel. For the most part, refuelling your range cooker with its green pellets isn’t a problem, but what happens when lifting 10 kg bags of biomass becomes too much?

Automatic feeder systems use a vacuum to take the biomass pellets from a big fuel store and put them into the hopper where they are burned to provide heat. This sort of system is in use all over the place for heating homes, but these systems are quite far removed from the cooking machines we want to fuel.

Until now, refuelling a biomass range has been an entirely manual operation, but the market-leading Lohberger has said that it is currently developing a range cooker with a boiler and automatic hopper feed. The feeder will essentially be a two-to-three inch hose which will suck the pellets from the store into the hopper as and when it is needed. This won’t be available just yet, but hopefully will be on the market within the year. When it is available, you should find it with Adina Heating.

If you really can’t wait to get your oven mitts on an automatic pellet-fuelled range, then you could always see whether you can find an engineer willing to make a system tailored to you. Beware, however, that installations not registered with the microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) will not be eligible for government incentives such as the renewable heat incentive (RHI) or domestic renewable heat incentive (Domestic RHI).


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