Get Involved in Conservation Volunteering

Walking in the WoodsIf you’re lucky enough to find yourself with nothing to do on a regular basis and want to give yourself a reason to get up and go at the weekend, why not try volunteering?

There are lots of good reasons to give it a go, and plenty of good causes looking for help. Check out our social media manager Ben’s blog on volunteering to get you feeling inspired!

Why try volunteering?

  • Preserve the beauty of nature for future generations to enjoy;
  • Do your bit for a cause that matters to everyone, whether two, four, six, or eight-legged;
  • Feel good about yourself and your own personal legacy;
  • Get outside;
  • Learn new skills;
  • Meet new people, and make new friends;
  • You’ll raise awareness of the importance of conservation amongst your friends & family;
  • It’s fun!

What can you do in south west Wales?

There are volunteering opportunities all over the UK, and here in our corner of Wales there’s plenty to keep you on your feet:

  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is looking for wardens to work with local communities, manage pathways, help keep beaches clean, and have fun doing it. You can even join in as a group if you and some friends want to help out together.
  • The National Botanic Garden of Wales in Llanarthney would like some help giving guided tours, driving visitors around in its buggies, and would like some more Garden Rangers to help out around the grounds.
  • The Welsh Wildlife Centre, Cilgerran, is looking for help running its Gift Shop and Information Desk.
  • Cardigan Bay SAC needs help conserving the marine environment. You could collect valuable data about dolphins, clear litter from beaches, and raise awareness of the importance of the local environment.
  • Denmark Farm Conservation Centre in Lampeter is running conservation courses throughout the summer up to three days each month, covering everything from habitat and trail maintenance to butterfly monitoring and land management. The events are running until late September.

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