Why do I need to use Earthborn Silicate Primer?

Earthborn_Silicate_Primer__85475.1367245908.1280.1280Earthborn Silicate Primer is a base coat to paint on before using Earthborn Silicate Masonry Paint. It’s a good idea to use it on the surface of any wall that is very absorbent or loose and powdery to make sure the paint sticks and doesn’t either fall off or get drawn into the wall.

You can colour the primer using a natural pigment to create a colourwash or lasur finish on external concrete and plaster surfaces or any surface painted with Silicate Paint.


Before using the primer, the wall needs to be clean, dry, absorbent, and free of dust and grease. For interior use, make sure to get rid of any loose plaster and apply filler where it’s needed. Remove any water-soluble distempers and lime paints before applying the silicate paint, and scrape or wash down any unstable paint surfaces. It’s not a good idea to apply the silicate primer to gloss, lacquer, or oil-based paints. Be sure to mask any adjacent glass, metal, and ceramic surfaces before use.

Applying the primer

Paint the primer on using a brush or roller in a thin, even, and well spread-out coat. The primer can also be used as a thinner with the silicate paint. It maintains the breathability of the paint and can assist in regulating the humidity of the interior. The primer should be touch-dry within an hour, but leave a minimum of 12 hours between coats before you apply the silicate paint.


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