Which Solid Wall Insulation?

BrickworkAbout a third of homes in the UK have ‘solid’ walls, and solid walls are the cause of around 45% of the heat loss from those homes. Insulating a solid wall is a little trickier than fitting insulation into the existing gaps in cavity wall, and comes with a few unique hurdles to overcome. The insulation can either be applied internally or externally, and which you go for will come down to decisions on factors including budget, ease of access, the appearance of your home, heat loss levels, and any extra repair work that might need doing.

Internal solid wall insulation

Internal solid wall insulation will usually cost between £4,500 and £15,000, and could lead to savings of between £150 and £460 per year depending on the house you live in. It’s usually cheaper than its external counterpart and can be installed room by room. Fitting solid wall insulation indoors will mean having to relocate plug sockets, radiators, and any fitted furniture and you will end up with slightly less floor area.

The affected walls will need to be carefully prepared for the work before it begins. If there’s any damaged plaster, this will need to be replaced or removed and any bare brick should be treated to get rid of places where air might escape.

External solid wall insulation

Fitting insulation to the outside of your home is a little more complicated and more expensive too. At between £9,000 and £25,000 for a whole property, exterior insulation also offers savings of between £150 and £460 per year. The fitting involves applying both the insulating material and a protective render or decorative cladding. Insulation is usually added externally when a building has already got severe heating problems or needs repairs to be carried out anyway.

Although more expensive, external insulation does mean that the interior of the house can be left alone. Decorative layers can be added to return the home to its previous appearance.

Thermafleece natural insulation

For internal applications, we recommend Thermafleece natural insulation. Made from natural and recycled materials, the range of Thermafleece products can be used for thermal and acoustic insulation as well as for floors and roofs. The wool, hemp, and recycled products meet the highest demands of traditional and modern construction whilst ensuring minimal environmental impact. Shop for Thermafleece here.

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