Happy Birthday, Centre for Alternative Technology!

Centre for Alternative Technology

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) is this week celebrating its 40th birthday. The Centre has been promoting renewable energy solutions from a disused quarry in Machynlleth since 1974, and many of the technologies it pioneered have since moved into the mainstream. If you’re yet to make plans for Saturday, head to the Centre where a birthday celebration will be underway, with workshops, music, talks, demonstrations and more to get involved in.

CAT has been building and experimenting with new technologies – not all of them successful – since its beginnings, and has built up a wealth of knowledge which it now imparts to postgraduate students who are able to study for Masters of Science degrees on site. The Centre has also been providing information to the public to educate people who wish to live more sustainably. Its latest document, Zero Carbon Britain, demonstrates how Britain could become carbon neutral using existing technologies providing Government and the public are behind it.

Adrian Ramsey, CEO at the Centre for Alternative Technology, said: “Our 40th anniversary is not only a chance to look back on the incredible impacts of CAT over the last 40 years, but it is also a chance to look forward to the next 40.  We need to grasp the environmental challenges we face and create a healthier, sustainable society for a changing planet. The work of CAT, through our educational programmes, visitor centre and Zero Carbon Britain research project, is crucial in order to inform, inspire and enable that change.”

Later in the day, there will be a Question Time-style panel discussion with panellists from Zero Carbon Britain, the Environmental Audit Committee, the Green Party, and the Welsh Assembly, led by Adrian Ramsey.

You can listen to a report on CAT aired on this morning’s BBC Radio 4 Today programme. Skip to 49:20 to hear the report.

Get in touch with CAT via Twitter, and find the birthday party at Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, SY20 9AZ


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