Decorating for the four Seasons: reflecting the outdoors

Scottish Office Space by Neil Rigden
Scottish Office Space by Neil Rigden, bringing the outdoors in with large glass panels, white walls to mirror the Scottish sky, wood and green to mirror the earth, and dark door surrounds to complement the lake and mountains.

We have somehow already arrived at the ninth month of the year; the month that brings Autumn to British shores. September, with its blackberries, grey mornings, and reddening leaves, is full of inspiring imagery and rich colours, all enveloped in a mood that brings us back to nature in time to wrap up for the cold weather to come.

The colours and textures we find outside influence much of what we do on the inside, and mirroring in front of the windows what’s visible behind them creates a sense of harmony between the home and the outdoor. But how can you decorate for all four seasons without repainting the walls every few months?

Coastal Dining Area by Mette
Coastal Dining Area by Mette, reflecting the coastal landscape with white, driftwood-pale wood, and green-blues.

Some colours are almost always present in nature, from the greens of the evergreen trees to the reds, browns, and yellows of the earth. It is possible to create a continuously relevant palette by using these ever-present tones in your decorating. Just take a look at your surrounding area for inspiration. There is a myriad of hues to find on the shore, in the moving waves, the froth and seaweed washing onto the beach, and the sand, stones, and shells collecting at the tide line.

Inland, the dominant colour, in all its shades, is green. There is the depth of ivy, the freshness of fields of grass, and the variously tinted shades of trees’ leaves in purples, yellows, and whites. Take the yellow of straw, the grey-purple of slate, and the off-white of stone and sky to create a look for a whole room.

Greyscale City Kitchen by David Giles
Greyscale City Kitchen by David Giles, bringing the hues of the city into this London flat with metals, dark greys, whites, and accessories to add touches of colour.

In the city, take the scale of whites, greys, and black to mirror your surroundings. For a dash of colour, take the blues reflected in the windows, the yellow of the road markings, and make a bold statement with the red of a London bus.

Wherever you are, look to the sky for ideas. There are so many colours above our heads at any one time, from blue to grey, purple to red, and yellow to a brilliant white. Use any of these in your decorating, and you’ll find them mirrored in the world outside throughout the year.  Here’s a little more help choosing colours.


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