Caframo Ecofans from Celtic Sustainables

Ecofan 800 Original in ShopEcofans generate their own electricity through the heat emitted by the stove beneath. The base needs to be in contact with a heat source of at least 65°C whilst the top of the fan must remain cool as the fan needs to be able to draw cooler air from behind in order to do its job. The heat source, the cooler air, and the rotation of the blade are all the Ecofans need to operate.

How to use

To use an Ecofan, simply place it on the top of a stove, away from the chimney pipe, giving the back of the fan access to cooler, room temperature air. The fan needs a temperature difference to generate the electricity needed to power the motor.


Position the Ecofan on a smooth, flat surface on your stovetop towards the side or rear of the stove where cooler air can be drawn over the cooling fins. Don’t put the fan in the centre of the stove, in front of the stove pipe, or at the front of the stove.

Which Caframo Ecofan should you choose?

The 812 AirMax Ecofan is the superior choice for anyone with a wood burning stove, providing the highest air flow and starting to work at the lowest temperature, working from 85-345°C. Still providing excellent results but with slightly less air movement and a higher starting operating temperature is the 810 UltrAir, working from 100-345°C. Both the 812 and 810 offer 2-year warranties. The 806 BelAir operates at 75°C – 200°C, which is perfect for lower temperature stoves. For minimal performance, the 800 Original will operate at a reduced level from 110°C – 345°C and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Using with fireplace inserts

Ecofans cannot be used on a bare fireplace as they generate their own electricity through temperature differential. The fan can be placed on a fireplace insert, but the placement is very important. The fan still needs to draw cooler air from behind and the base must never be too hot.


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