5 Thrifty Uses for Leftover Insulation

When you find you can’t squeeze another inch of our good-enough-to-cuddle natural insulation between the attic joists, resist the urge to snuggle up in bed with the leftovers and keep your tools out for just one more Sunday afternoon. With what remains, you could:TF35 warmer

  1. Hug the tub

Your bathtub would benefit significantly from a woollen wrapping. Fit your scraps around the tub, inside the casing if there is one, and fasten into place. Enjoy longer, warmer baths forever more, and maybe you’ll finally finish that book you’ve been meaning to read at bath time.

  1. Hemp up the hatch

A scrap of leftover hemp insulation can be cut to fit neatly on the back of the attic hatch. Make sure it isn’t going to hang over the edges and get stuck in the frame and you’ll have successfully patched up another heat-leaking square foot of attic space.

  1. Warmth is for dogs; not just for people

If your pet spends nights outdoors even at wintertime, then treat them to a little of the luxury lifestyle and pad out their kennel with a patch of Cosywool. Board it up to prevent it being torn back down. With that said, you might attach a portion to the floor of the kennel to provide a comfortable cushion.

  1. Heat the heater

Water heaters can lose some of the heat they produce before you get the chance to use it. Covering them up with some off-cuts of Ultrawool will stop this from happening, saving the pennies you really want to put towards decorating the kids’ rooms. Seal at the seams with duct tape, and cut out the all-important holes for the control panels, which you will probably need to use at some point.

  1. … and the pipes, too

Okay, so this is really an extension of what we just said – but it is an important extension. As either hot or cold water moves around the pipes in the house, it naturally either cools or heats towards room temperature. To keep the heat in, or the cold out, it’s a good idea to protect the pipework with what’s left of your insulation.

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