Owen & Philippa Gale, Pembrokeshire

 “We knew that with interiors on this scale, the paint had to be perfect. The finish and texture of Farrow & Ball is just that.”

Small Liane stairs colour 2 by Sacha Millerhall

SMALL Room 8 by Owen HowellsDeers - library bar CROP

restaurant low res

House with front door closed20120108_hammet_bar2drawing room lights

When searching for a project to take on back in 2011, Philippa and Owen Gale discovered Hammet House. A rambling Georgian hotel, the building was the perfect venue for the business they hoped to run.

“As we drove down the drive for the first time, we knew that this was a very special place,” says Philippa. Bursting with untapped potential, the old mansion felt tired and unloved, worn out and dated, with shabby (not chic, assures Philippa) interiors. Their vision was to transform the dated and traditional hotel into a uniquely stylish country retreat. The couple would take the best of the Georgian architecture and work around it to create something attractive and relevant to the discerning guests of the current century.

“Our design philosophy,” says Philippa, “was to preserve, restore, and highlight the wonderful Georgian architectural features, and to complement these by contrasting them with today’s design classics”. Tearing out the carpets, pulling down the curtains, and stripping the walls of their faded wallpaper, she and Owen made way for a fresh take on high class design. “We sourced a close match to the original flooring from Broadleaf Timber and laid it throughout the ground floor. We renovated the original window shutters so that now we can see the beautiful Georgian window frames. We also exposed the magnificent staircase and highlighted it with a discreet runner”.

Approaching Celtic Sustainables to supply the paints which would bring their ideas to life, Owen and Philippa chose a subtle palette of Farrow & Ball colours which would run throughout Hammet House. Wanting to emphasise the clean lines, high ceilings, and the airy space the building afforded them, they created a tricolour palette of various combinations for walls and woodwork. Where a cosier feel was required, a combination of Down Pipe, Manor House Grey, and Pavilion Grey was used. “We added a few splashes of vibrant citrus to mix it up a bit.”

“We knew that with interiors on this scale, the paint had to be perfect. The finish and texture of Farrow & Ball is just that. We often have guests arrive who can name the paints on sight! We were so often being asked by guests where they could get the colours from that we now list the paints used by name in our guest information brochures.”

Throughout the bedrooms, the cool and calm theme is continued. Cool greys and richer infusions of colours such as Brinjal carry the high-end finish through the hotel.

With their intentions to carry out further refurbishments at Hammet House this winter, including exciting plans for more bedrooms and a total redecoration of the downstairs WCs, we look forward to contributing to Owen and Philippa’s continuing adventure.


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