Announcing: the Key Farrow & Ball Colours for 2015

The colours of 2015 will reflect our increasing tendency to view home as a sanctuary away from the hustling world beyond the front door. The key Farrow & Ball colours for 2015; Pink Ground, Light Blue, Breakfast Room Green, and Tanner’s Brown are pale, authentic, and indicative of our need to fall back into line with a slower pace of life away from the bursting schedules that keep us constantly moving from day to day.

Breakfast Room GreenBreakfast Room Green

Signalling a shift away from hard, graphic interiors, Breakfast Room Green is a colour taken straight from the leaves of nature. Fostering a safe and calm environment, its botanical feel feels fresh when paired with complementary James White on the ceiling. It’s best contrasted with the stronger Calke Green on the woodwork, recreating the colours of the irregularly stained and tinted plants we find in the natural world. Create an exciting and fashionable interior with Light Gray as an accent colour in the back of shelves, on the floor, or as randomly painted stripes on the walls.

Light BlueLight Blue

The shifting and changing of colours throughout the day can transform a space from one hour to the next. Light Blue, under the altering intensities of a day’s light, is intended to change like the landscape outside. Reminding us of the softer side of life, it will make way for a haven of calm away from the business of our lives. To create a nearly transparent interior, set the colour’s silvery, smoky qualities against the cool grey Dimpse, a colour brushed from twilight’s tones. Form a feeling of relaxed movement with an accent of Lamp Room Gray on the floor, a single wall, or the furniture, and Blackened on the ceiling.

Pink GroundPink Ground

Pink Ground lends a sense of unpretentious beauty to the home, causing a room to feel relaxed, gentle, and pretty all at once. Whilst warm, this pale pink is neither sweet nor childish, and sits nicely on a palette of soft nudes and plaster. Used with a slightly bolder colour like Setting Plaster on the woodwork, it creates a lighter room. The close tones, with their difference almost camouflaged, combine to form a soft beauty devoid of hard lines. Accents to the scheme should stay equally cloudy. Pale Powder lies perfectly relaxed on furniture or will complement the whimsical pastel palette on the walls and woodwork.

Tanners BrownTanner’s Brown

Seemingly moving against the paler grain of the coming year, Tanner’s Brown will be a key colour where darker tones are needed to counteract a lack of natural light. Create a darker, more dramatic space in one area to make other areas feel lighter in contrast. An earthy brown, this colour feels timeless and artisanal. It is used to its fullest potential where the skirting boards are painted as well as the walls, keeping the colour grounded and preventing the formation of a light border around the bottom of the room, which can create quite a hard look. For a smudged appearance, use Dead Salmon on other woodwork and Joa’s White on the ceilings. The soft Oval Room Blue protrudes magically where it is used as an accent colour.


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