Eco Fan 812 can save up to 18% of fuel costs!

Why use an EcoFan Stove Fan?

As the new year begins, winter really makes itself known here on the Welsh coast. Keeping warm can be costly, using a lot of energy and a lot of money too. This winter, however, we’ve been using the EcoFan to keep our homes cosy for less. Central heating has become a thing of winters past as our homes have stayed warm for longer, using less fuel, and wasting less money than ever before.

Why we tried the EcoFan

810 black and silverWe all like to keep our homes warm using our log burners, but in the past this has been difficult because of the way log burners emit heat. Instead of pushing outwards into the room, the heat from a stove rises straight up to the ceiling and the floor above due to the process of convection. The rooms upstairs warm up, but downstairs we’re left in the cold. Celtic Sustainables had been stocking EcoFans for a while, but not all of us had tried one. This winter, we’re giving them a go.

How is the EcoFan designed to help?

The EcoFan is designed to push air into and around the room instead of letting it rise to the ceiling. This evens out hot and cold spots, and improves the efficiency of the stove. We’ve also found that it’s not just the one room that benefits, but often many rooms or even the whole house that feels warmer.

806goldHow our EcoFans helped us

We had a few doubts before we tried our fans, mainly to do with the potential noise, their appearance, and how effective they would really be. Our concerns were soon put to rest. The fans have seriously helped to warm up entire rooms, increasing the area we can use whilst still benefiting from the fire.

The main benefits of the EcoFans has been the increased comfort we’ve all been enjoying, but with help from the fans, the stoves have been using less fuel and saving us some money  too. EcoFans don’t even use any batteries or other power sources, and rely entirely on the heat from the log burner to get them going. Just sit the fan on top of the stove and when it reaches the right temperature the fan starts to spin.

How does an EcoFan work?

The heat from the stove rises up through the base plate of the EcoFan until it reaches the motor within. Different models begin to spin at different temperatures, but each works quickly and quietly without disturbing the peace of a cosy fire-lit evening.  Warm air is moved horizontally instead of vertically, heating up the part of the room that is actually being used.

Which EcoFan is best for you?

ecofan testing

ecofan 800Should you get an EcoFan?

If what you’re after is to increase comfort, remove hot and cold spots, and heat your home using less energy and less money, then the EcoFan is certainly for you.

The Benefits of the EcoFan

  • Heat is dispersed quickly around the room
  • Hot and cold spots are reduced
  • Fuel costs are reduced as less fuel goes further

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