Learn to Shabby Chic with us on Sunday 15th March

This month at Celtic Sustainables we’re running our second Shabby Chic furniture painting day. Local shabby chic professional, Jennie, will come along to our shop in Cardigan to teach us everything from sanding to stencilling.

Shabby chic is a super eco-friendly style of décor as it’s all about reusing old bits of furniture left lying around the house. Instead of buying new things, you can just bring what you’ve got into the present day with a few simple tools.

Poster Shabby Chic March 15 2015

If you can’t make it to our painting course, you could try a little shabby chic-ing at home. You won’t need much to get started.

How to Shabby Chic

Firstly, sand down your piece of furniture. If it’s covered with varnish, you’ll need to get it all off so it doesn’t seep through the paint. Otherwise, a light sanding should do the job – just enough to allow the paint to really bond with the surface beneath. Give the piece a wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust before continuing.

To paint, use Earthborn Claypaint, which is free of VOCs (harmful chemicals found in other paints) and completely safe to use. There aren’t any nasty fumes to breathe, so your freshly painted pieces can be used as soon as the paint has dried. What’s more, Claypaint has a beautifully thick and creamy texture, meaning it covers much better than most paints. There’ll be no thin bits where you don’t want them, but the chalky finish means you can still give your furniture that distressed look on handles and edges. Apply the paint with a brush or short-pile roller and add coats until you have the finish you want. Leave the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.

To get the distressed, shabby chic style, use a little sandpaper around edges that would naturally receive the most knocks. If your piece isn’t going to be heavily used and you don’t mind it accumulating some authentic bumps and scratches then you don’t need to add anything else, but otherwise you might want to apply some Earthborn Furniture Wax on top of the paint to prevent it from staining or chipping away. This will only slightly counteract the matt finish of the paint and will help protect the furniture for longer.

Our shabby chic course will be held from 10:00 – 16:00 on Sunday 15th March and costs £60 per person. To book, call Celtic Sustainables on 01239 623506, email info@celticsustainables.co.uk, or visit the shop at Unit 9, Parc Teifi, Cardigan, SA43 1EW.

There’ll be teas, coffee, and cake for everyone and you’ll be able to pose all of your questions to Jen, who will be more than happy to dish out her top tips.


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