Choosing the right paint Colour

There are no strict rules for picking the right paint colour. We all have our own styles, our own ideas of what looks good and what doesn’t, and our own ways of expressing our inner selves through the medium of our homes. However, there are a few pointers which could help us all achieve that balance of style and individuality without compromise. When approaching your home, brush in hand, think about the architecture, the purpose, the shape and aspect of a room. Above all, watch how the light moves across a space from sunrise to sunset and in between. How does the existing colour change in the altering light?

Light BlueSample for Certainty

Shopping online is undoubtedly convenient, but without seeing the colour with bare eyes it is difficult to be sure what it will actually look like. A digital or printed representation of a colour will most likely vary from one screen or sheet of paper to another. To get the best idea of what your room will feel like with a new look, pick up some sample pots of your favourite few colours. Paint sections of the wall, or cover large areas of paper or card to leave in the room and watch throughout the day. This is especially helpful when painting rooms used only at certain times. If decorating a room only used in the evenings, it is helpful to get an idea of what a colour looks like in the evening light.

Tanners BrownBear in Mind

  • Begin by considering the way light moves through the house, and how this changes the look and feel of the home during the course of a day.
  • Take into the account the age and style of your home, and whether the colours you are inclined to use are sympathetic to the building’s heritage.
  • Consider your own colour comfort zone. Look at your belongings and pick out a palette to suit you.
  • Try not to get carried away using too many colours on architectural features as this could distract from the very thing you wish to enhance.
  • Traditionally, more colour is used on the walls than on the woodwork, but an inversion of this rule can be just as interesting.
  • Unusually shaped rooms are well suited to monochromatic schemes, as shading can help to smoothen out any jarring visuals.
  • Most importantly, be true to yourself and your own particular tastes.

You only need ask

For any further help choosing your colours, just stop by at the shop in Cardigan or call us on 01239 623506. We’re happy to help.


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