Earthborn pigments come in a wide range of natural colours.

Create your own Colour with Natural Pigments

Sometimes only you know the colour that’s in your head, and having sifted through all the colour charts and tried as many sample pots as you dare, you’re still no nearer to finding quite the right thing for the job.


Earthborn’s eco-friendly mineral pigments can used for all sorts of things to make unique colours that you won’t see anywhere else. These pigments can be used for projects from dyeing fabric to tinting lime wash. What’s great about them is that they’re made of naturally occurring ingredients like earth pigments, mineral pigments, metal pigments, and trinatrium citrate (a sort of salt).

The world of pigments is rich with options and variations as each pigment will look different depending upon how much is used, what base it’s added to, and what the mix is finally applied to. There’s even the option to mix pigments together to create a completely new colour. We’d recommend using the pigments with any of the Claypaints, Earthborn Emulsions, or Casein Paint from our shop, but some pigments can also be used with lime washes, mortars, and our breathable masonry paint.

Mixed with the Earthborn Wall Glaze, our pigments are perfect for decorative effects such as colour washes, sponging, stencilling, and dragging. For those who like a little extra sparkle, there are even some naturally occurring metal flakes to add some shine to your colour. As the pigments are fade resistant, they’ll last extremely well.


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