Silicate Masonry Paint a great option for stone houses.

Eco Exterior Decorating with Silicate Masonry Paint

With autumn on its way now is the time to get your outdoor decorating done before the colder, wetter weather arrives. For many homeowners here in Wales, the age of their home is a major consideration. Old buildings need certain materials. At Celtic Sustainables we know what will work best for your home. About a third of Welsh houses were built before 1919, when sold wall construction was still the norm and when breathability was key to the performance of a building.

Our Silicate Masonry Paint is available in 46 different colours and shades and can be used on all sorts of surfaces including lime plaster. It provides strength and integrity as well as being highly breathable yet water repellent. Breathability is important for tradionally restored lime plastered walls as it allows interior moisture to permeate through and evaporate.

Although this paint is perfectly suited to being used with lime, it can also be used with masonry, cement, brickwork, and other materials. The product gives excellent performance and a long service life as it chemically bonds with the mineral surface underneath.

Silicate Masonry Paint should give a coverage of 5-7 square metres of wall per litre of paint, and is available in tubs of 10 litres. Before applying the paint, it is necessary to apply a coat of the Silicate Masonry Primer, the next coat should be a mix of 20% primer with 80% paint. The final coat is full paint.

To discuss whether the Silicate Masonry Paint is suitable for your home call the Celtic Sustainables team on 01239 623506 or visit the Silicate Masonry Paint web page for more information.


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