Choose Natural Insulation, for Sustainability’s sake

Thermafleece FourRecently, we’ve seen a bit of an increase in the appreciation of everything natural, local, sustainable, and good quality. Things like wool, which the UK – and Wales in particular – has for a long time been known for.

For a while, big brands using poorer quality ingredients have dominated, but now it seems that goodness, rather than cheapness, is what we truly care about. Sheep wool insulation is a part of this market revolution, changing the way we warm ourselves at home whether by laying it under the floors and in the loft, or by sleeping snugly beneath it in our beds.

Insulation has been a health hazard for a long time, but sheep wool is changing that too. Unlike the common materials used to insulate our homes, natural sheep wool requires only a pair of hands to be fitted. No goggles, gloves, or mask is necessary.

Further benefits of sheep wool include its biodegradability at the end of its lifetime, as well as its equal – and often even greater – performance in comparison with cheaper and more common alternative products. Combined with materials such as hemp, sheep wool is a truly green product.

Celtic Sustainables stocks Thermafleece insulation, a British product made from British wool, suitable for all kinds of insulating jobs. We also proudly sell Baavet duvets, made in the UK from Welsh wool and other entirely British and high-quality ingredients.


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