Eco-chic furniture painting kit includes paint, wax, a brush and an inspiring furniture painting guide.

Our top 5 eco gift ideas

We all know someone that it’s almost impossible to buy for at Christmas whether it’s because they have EVERYTHING already or they like to avoid the materialism that was not part of the traditional Yule celebrations. Yet you want to give something that is functional, Earth friendly and special. It would be a brave person that gave their partner a gift of a roll of sheep’s wool insulation, however as Andrew in our warehouse points out, if the recipient happened to be renovating a camper van it might be a particularly good present. Seriously though here are products, that we sell, that we think would make particularly nice gifts.

Top five Green Christmas Gifts ideas

Ecofan wood stove fans

Eco Fan 812 can save up to 18% of fuel costs!
Eco Fan 812 can save up to 18% of fuel costs!

It’s the gift for the person that has everything. It also saves up to 18% of fuel costs. Ecofan wood stove fans sit on top of your wood burning stove (or gas or pellet stove). They move the hot air across the room (rather than it rising to the ceiling above the stove) making the room feel warmer. Therefore you don’t need to put as much fuel on the fire.

Many people watching the Ecofan may think that it’s the hot air that turns the fan. It’s not. The blades run on a small motor, not powered by a battery but powered because of the “Seebeck effect”.  Essentially, the temperature differential between the two metal parts of the fan body power the motor.  There is a unique semiconductor, a piece of ceramic, between the base of the fan and the top cooling fins and that is where the magic happens (that is where the motor is attached and electrons move). So as the stove heats up the fan runs faster.

Eco-chic furniture painting kits

Eco-chic furniture painting kit includes paint, wax, a brush and an inspiring furniture painting guide.
Eco-chic furniture painting kit includes paint, wax, a brush and an inspiring furniture painting guide.

Repurpose, recycle, upcycle, make-do-and-mend, eco-chic, or shabby chic what ever you call it, it’s never been quicker or simpler to update those old pieces of wooden furniture.

These kits are great for everyone looking to “shabby-chic” an old piece of furniture. They consist of two 750ml tins of luxuriously thick, creamy, matt Earthborn claypaints, a high quality brush, a tin of soft, clear Furniture wax and a handy “how-to” guide.

The claypaints are quick drying and can be used in a variety of ways – layered, sanded or as a colour wash. Add to that it’s water based, plastic free, breathable and totally odour free. It’s a very nice way to transform a piece of old furniture and therefore a whole room!

Baavet wool duvets

Superb Baavet wool duvet comes in different sizes and togs.
Superb Baavet wool duvet comes in different sizes and togs.

Baavets are made from Welsh wool and are finished in Wales up near Harlech Castle.  These duvets, because wool is a heat regulator rather than an insulator, which means that as your body cools during the night as you go into deep sleep you are not woken up because you are too hot (or too cold because your partner was too hot and thrown the duvet off the bed!). Brilliantly the amazing thing about wool is that it will actually regulate the temperatures of two different people in the same bed.

Baavet duvets are dustmite resistant, hypoallergenic  and enclosed in a 100% natural cotton quilt. They come in lots of different sizes and tog ratings (for different seasons). The range includes pillows, mattress toppers and pet bedding too!

Sustainable Legacy Book

Wonderful book: Sustainable Legacy by Cliff Blundell.
Wonderful book: Sustainable Legacy by Cliff Blundell.

There are endless places to find inspiration for your conservation project. However, finding a truly knowledgeable source is a rare bit of luck. Sustainable Legacy, Cliff Blundell’s latest restoration guide for old homes across Wales and the UK. Cliff is a director of The Lime Company of West Wales (TLC), based here in Cardigan. Through personal and professional experience he has built stores of knowledge about the conservation and maintenance of traditional Welsh vernacular buildings, and he lays out the basic principles of his knowledge in this latest publication from TLC Press.

With 166 pages packed with beautiful photographs and information, this book is a wonderful read whether you are renovating an old home or dreaming that one day you just might.

Flamers – Eco fire lighters

Flamers natural fire lighters.
Flamers natural fire lighters.

Okay so these may not be the main present that you give to someone. They might be perhaps more of a “stocking filler” however, they are just brilliant and we have already had people come into our shop in Cardigan specifically to purchase boxes of Flamers as gifts for their friends.

When we first trialled these little bundles of candle wax covered wood we were impressed by the ease of lighting them and particularly the way they kept alight (we trialled them in outside our warehouse in rain and wind and they kept on burning).

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