EcoFan: the Ideal gift for the Environmentalist in your Life

ecofan 800812 black
This Christmas calls for practicality, and what’s more practical than lower energy consumption?

The EcoFan is a brilliant piece of kit. Just place the fan on top of your gas or wood-burning stove, and as it heats up it’ll begin to spin. You’ll notice there aren’t cables hanging around, and that’s because the fan uses no more energy than it takes from the stove’s heat. As energy travels up the fan, it powers the motor located behind the blade and pushes the heat out into the room.

The fan works brilliantly, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some – ahem – fans’ testimonials to back us up:

One reviewer said “it has transformed my living room and saves me loads of wood. It is easily the best sixty odd quid I have ever spent on a piece of kit,” whilst Terry told us that his EcoFan is an “Excellent product, placed on top of the stove it has transformed the heat distribution around the room. And at the same time decreased the time it takes to warm the room,” and Mark typed enthusiastically that he “would definitely recommend to others”.

There are four models of the EcoFan available; the EcoFan 806 is designed for gas stoves and starts working at a lower temperature than the rest of the range; the original Ecofan 800 is the base model of the wood burner models, followed by the  Ecofan 810 and 812 Airmax wood stove fan which deliver greater performance and are better suited for use in larger rooms.

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