Strawbale walls on tyre foundations.

Strawbale Home at Blaenffos Part 1

One of the many things we love to do is visiting the projects that our customers have been working on. This particular build a few miles away in Blaenffos (pronounced Bline-force for our non-Welsh speaking readers) is so interesting that three of us from the office managed to find suitable excuses to visit it earlier this month. Debbie and Julian are building a load-bearing one … Continue reading Strawbale Home at Blaenffos Part 1

Farrow & Ball Foodie Paint Names (spot the odd one out).

Cardigan River and Food Festival

We can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny summers Saturday than mingling with foodies and talking about the things we love: sustainable home renovation and decorating products. That’s why each year we attend the local River and Food Festival in Cardigan. It’s a great day out and this year was no exception. The weather was wonderful, the event organisation was fabulous and … Continue reading Cardigan River and Food Festival

Cardigan Castle viewed from across the River Teifi

Cardigan Castle – Eco-renovation on a grand scale

The pill box peeking over the top of the massive stone ramparts that tower over the river Teifi are perhaps the only clues to the history hidden within. Cardigan Castle is now open to the public after a 4 year and £12 million pound restoration. It’s a renovation project on a grand scale. The restoration of the buildings and gardens to immaculate detail was made … Continue reading Cardigan Castle – Eco-renovation on a grand scale

Owen & Philippa Gale, Pembrokeshire

 “We knew that with interiors on this scale, the paint had to be perfect. The finish and texture of Farrow & Ball is just that.” When searching for a project to take on back in 2011, Philippa and Owen Gale discovered Hammet House. A rambling Georgian hotel, the building was the perfect venue for the business they hoped to run. “As we drove down the … Continue reading Owen & Philippa Gale, Pembrokeshire

Julie & George Nicolson, Dumfries & Galloway

“It was important for us to use sustainable and natural materials as we wanted the building to breathe. Claypaint was ideal for the purpose.” Not wanting to do just anything with their £30,000 savings, Julie and George Nicolson took a risk and commissioned local designer Sam Booth of ECHO Living to build a one-of-a-kind modular holiday home in the Scottish countryside. The experimental build, which was … Continue reading Julie & George Nicolson, Dumfries & Galloway

Evie O’Keeffe, West Yorkshire

“I really enjoyed being able to do the painting. Traditional paints give me a headache and upset my asthma, but Earthborn paints are lovely.” Evie bought her first home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, with a view to saving money and the environment with a green-as-can-be transformation. The 1869 mid-terrace had been unsympathetically modernised over the years and when Evie took hold of the deeds she … Continue reading Evie O’Keeffe, West Yorkshire