After Christmas the pallet Christmas Tree rejoined the rest of the pallets in the yard.

Pallet Christmas Tree Tutorial

How to make a Christmas tree from a wooden pallet. Find a pallet. If it’s been in the rain, let it dry out. Mark out your Christmas tree design with masking tape or pencil (optional). Paint. We used some white Eco-pro midsheen emulsion from Earthborn that we had left over from another project. Decorate. We used: borrowed fairy lights, star decorations made out of out … Continue reading Pallet Christmas Tree Tutorial

Upcycled coffee table painted with Earthborn claypaint Riding Hood, Jack Horner and Maybe Maggie.

Craftology: Upcycled painted coffee table – How to

Our Morag has been keen to upcycle an old piece of furniture using the paints we sell in our store ever since she started working with earlier this year. Her perfect excuse came when the lovely people from Earthborn set their stockists a challenge to paint a piece of furniture in a “Craftology” style. Earthborn describe the craftology style as: A celebration of arts and … Continue reading Craftology: Upcycled painted coffee table – How to