The Century of Damp Old Houses

The 20th century wasn’t a very good time for the old houses here in Wales. With time, many people forgot the traditional building and maintenance skills that gave us our old homes and helped them last so long. Concrete, acrylic paints, wall insulation, and damp proofing materials have their uses, but older houses need the old skills and materials that made them work to begin … Continue reading The Century of Damp Old Houses

VW Motorhome on Poppit Sands beach copyright Poppit Campers Ltd

The best insulation for camper van conversions

Do you sometimes dream of getting away from it all? For many the idea of packing a few essential things into a camper van, hitting the open road and seeing the world is a fantasy, however more and more people are making that dream come true by reconditioning old campers or converting  commercial vehicles for festivals, short-breaks and holidays. We caught up with a local … Continue reading The best insulation for camper van conversions

Julie & George Nicolson, Dumfries & Galloway

“It was important for us to use sustainable and natural materials as we wanted the building to breathe. Claypaint was ideal for the purpose.” Not wanting to do just anything with their £30,000 savings, Julie and George Nicolson took a risk and commissioned local designer Sam Booth of ECHO Living to build a one-of-a-kind modular holiday home in the Scottish countryside. The experimental build, which was … Continue reading Julie & George Nicolson, Dumfries & Galloway

Evie O’Keeffe, West Yorkshire

“I really enjoyed being able to do the painting. Traditional paints give me a headache and upset my asthma, but Earthborn paints are lovely.” Evie bought her first home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, with a view to saving money and the environment with a green-as-can-be transformation. The 1869 mid-terrace had been unsympathetically modernised over the years and when Evie took hold of the deeds she … Continue reading Evie O’Keeffe, West Yorkshire

Shabby Chic Furniture Recipe

Repainting your old furniture is a very simple yet effective way of transforming the look of your home. Shabby Chic is the perfect style for the amateur design DIY-er. There’s no such thing as perfection in the world of shabby chic, and anyone can have a go at it. It’s all about experimentation, simplicity, and the little imperfections that make your home yours. You’ll need … Continue reading Shabby Chic Furniture Recipe

5 Thrifty Uses for Leftover Insulation

When you find you can’t squeeze another inch of our good-enough-to-cuddle natural insulation between the attic joists, resist the urge to snuggle up in bed with the leftovers and keep your tools out for just one more Sunday afternoon. With what remains, you could: Hug the tub Your bathtub would benefit significantly from a woollen wrapping. Fit your scraps around the tub, inside the casing … Continue reading 5 Thrifty Uses for Leftover Insulation

How to Remedy Damp Walls

The simplest way of finding out whether you have a problem with damp walls in your house is to take a look at them and see whether you can spot any of the following common symptoms: Peeling wallpaper Black mould White salt stains Blistering emulsion and/or internal plasterwork You might also notice a nasty, damp smell. This could be what makes you notice the problem … Continue reading How to Remedy Damp Walls

How to Re-point a Wall

The ‘pointing’ of a wall is what you see between the masonry. It’s the visible part of the mortar joints that hold everything in place. The lime mortar joints on older houses tends to be written off well before their use-by date because the pointing looks and feels a little soft and powdery. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the pointing has failed, as a … Continue reading How to Re-point a Wall

Why does your House need to Breathe?

Breathing keeps houses healthy and safe to live in by letting moisture out from the walls. Over time, houses have been decorated inside and out using plastic-based paints. Whilst these paints look fine and work well to start with, the walls beneath begin to suffocate. This is because the paint creates an impermeable covering.  In time, the walls begin to deteriorate. A suffocating house tends to be damp, and the … Continue reading Why does your House need to Breathe?

In Pictures: Celtic Sustainables & Tatanne Bazaar furniture painting class

Last Saturday, we teamed up with Jennie of Tatanne Bazaar to host our very first shabby chic furniture painting class. It couldn’t have been any better. Jennie guided us through the process of turning a dull wooden object into something full of character, and each of our pieces had a wonderful new personality by 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Take a look at the process in … Continue reading In Pictures: Celtic Sustainables & Tatanne Bazaar furniture painting class