Eco-chic furniture painting kit includes paint, wax, a brush and an inspiring furniture painting guide.

Our top 5 eco gift ideas

We all know someone that it’s almost impossible to buy for at Christmas whether it’s because they have EVERYTHING already or they like to avoid the materialism that was not part of the traditional Yule celebrations. Yet you want to give something that is functional, Earth friendly and special. It would be a brave person that gave their partner a gift of a roll of … Continue reading Our top 5 eco gift ideas

Radio Ceredigion Green Award at Cardigan Bay!

Local Hero Green Award winners 2015

We are very proud to be one of the sponsors of the first ever Local Hero Awards organised by Radio Ceredigion. We sponsored the Green Award as it fits totally with our ethos of sustainability and wanting the very best for people and all creatures on this beautiful planet that we share. The award ceremony took place at Aberystwyth Royal Pier on Thursday 24 September … Continue reading Local Hero Green Award winners 2015

Radio Ceredigion Local Hero Awards 2015 - Green Award sponsored by Celtic Sustainables

Local Hero Awards 2015 – Green Award

We are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the first ever Local Hero Green Award with Radio Ceredigion. We are all about sustainability, the environment, health and the community so when we heard that the Local Hero Awards were being expanded to cover our local patch, Ceredigion, we jumped at the chance to be involved. How to nominate your local green hero We need you … Continue reading Local Hero Awards 2015 – Green Award

Rainwater Harvesting and Sustainable Drainage Systems

A number of organisations are involved in designing the waterworks of a new development. Planners, the Local Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) Adoption Board, designers, and civil specialists all have to come to a consensus on what’s best for the project. It’s important that self-builders know the technical issues involved, and that they share the vision of how their project will benefit from the water-related work, … Continue reading Rainwater Harvesting and Sustainable Drainage Systems

Why does your House need to Breathe?

Breathing keeps houses healthy and safe to live in by letting moisture out from the walls. Over time, houses have been decorated inside and out using plastic-based paints. Whilst these paints look fine and work well to start with, the walls beneath begin to suffocate. This is because the paint creates an impermeable covering.  In time, the walls begin to deteriorate. A suffocating house tends to be damp, and the … Continue reading Why does your House need to Breathe?

Happy Birthday, Centre for Alternative Technology!

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) is this week celebrating its 40th birthday. The Centre has been promoting renewable energy solutions from a disused quarry in Machynlleth since 1974, and many of the technologies it pioneered have since moved into the mainstream. If you’re yet to make plans for Saturday, head to the Centre where a birthday celebration will be underway, with workshops, music, talks, … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Centre for Alternative Technology!

Ben’s volunteering Blog: Days Two & Three at Long Wood and Denmark Farm

I was high on the feel-goodness of my first Sunday’s volunteering at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, so I committed myself to a whole weekend of it a fortnight later. Day One -Long Wood Community Woodland I heard about the Long Wood Community Woodland green build project from Gary at the farm, and arranged to help out with the build last Saturday 12th July. Long Wood … Continue reading Ben’s volunteering Blog: Days Two & Three at Long Wood and Denmark Farm

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is all about living harmoniously with our natural environment. Centred on growing food that is native and beneficial to the local area, permaculture also includes everything from sustainable building and renewable energy, to entertainment and waste management. Self-sufficiency Living a strict permaculture lifestyle would mean achieving total self-sufficiency, but there is plenty about the permaculture way of living that everyone can take something from. … Continue reading What is Permaculture?

Grow a Permaculture Garden

Most gardens follow a similar design, with a few shrubs around the edges and a large area of cut grass set between them. A permaculture garden makes much more of your outdoor space, allowing you to grow food and provide habitats for wildlife right on your doorstep! You can do this alone or as part of a group, like the Transition Towns that are cropping … Continue reading Grow a Permaculture Garden

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy comes from sources which aren’t going to run out. Since the industrial revolution, we’ve been relying on energy sources such as coal, oil, and gas. These fossil fuels are running out, and getting them from the ground is causing ever more destruction to our planet. Renewable sources don’t run out. The sun, wind, and the flow of water are all free for us … Continue reading What is renewable energy?