Why does your House need to Breathe?

Breathing keeps houses healthy and safe to live in by letting moisture out from the walls. Over time, houses have been decorated inside and out using plastic-based paints. Whilst these paints look fine and work well to start with, the walls beneath begin to suffocate. This is because the paint creates an impermeable covering.  In time, the walls begin to deteriorate. A suffocating house tends to be damp, and the … Continue reading Why does your House need to Breathe?

Grow a Permaculture Garden

Most gardens follow a similar design, with a few shrubs around the edges and a large area of cut grass set between them. A permaculture garden makes much more of your outdoor space, allowing you to grow food and provide habitats for wildlife right on your doorstep! You can do this alone or as part of a group, like the Transition Towns that are cropping … Continue reading Grow a Permaculture Garden

What are Transition Towns?

You’ve probably come across the term ‘transition towns’, but even as the term becomes more and more common, lots of us still don’t really know what the whole transition thing is about. What is a transition town? Transition towns expand upon Permaculture, a sustainable way of living which combines a sense of community with a greater environmental conscience. Transition towns are made of things such … Continue reading What are Transition Towns?

Get Involved in Conservation Volunteering

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with nothing to do on a regular basis and want to give yourself a reason to get up and go at the weekend, why not try volunteering? There are lots of good reasons to give it a go, and plenty of good causes looking for help. Check out our social media manager Ben’s blog on volunteering to get you … Continue reading Get Involved in Conservation Volunteering

Decorating with Children

Before your little ones have even picked up their overalls, your top priority will be their safety. Children and decorating can mix perfectly to create some beautiful work and wonderful memories too, but it can be dangerous if it isn’t done safely. We’ll give you some top decorating safety tips throughout this guide to make the experience as carefree as can be! Use Safe Paints … Continue reading Decorating with Children

How to Choose Paint Colours

It’s easy to look at a paint chart and pick out all of the colours you really like, but imagining those colours in the room you’re planning on painting – and knowing what different colours will look like when they’re put together – can be a much harder thing to do. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to choosing paint colours, which you … Continue reading How to Choose Paint Colours

Eco-Solutions Home Strip Cleaners

Cleaning your home and hands during a DIY project can often be a bit of a toxic job, but we found Eco-Solutions Homestrip to offer a healthier way of doing things. Eco-Solutions is a leader in water-based paint strippers, hand cleaners, coatings removers, and other associated products. Chemical-free The Home Strip products are safe for people to use and free of chemicals such as Methylene … Continue reading Eco-Solutions Home Strip Cleaners

Our Top 5 Ethical Food Brands

Knowing which the truly ethical food brands are could make a very demanding full-time job for anyone who’s interested, and with an ever-expanding selection of healthy, ethical foods and drinks to choose from you’d almost be forgiven for giving up completely and grabbing whatever’s nearest, regardless of what’s in it and where it’s come from. Luckily for you we’ve done a little of the legwork … Continue reading Our Top 5 Ethical Food Brands

How to Grow a Wildlife Garden

One of the most enjoyable parts of sustainable living is merging your home with the natural world around it. Instead of seeing a house and its garden as a sealed-up, nature-free haven of concrete civilisation, you can incorporate your own needs into what already calls the land ‘home’. There are lots of things you can do to help nature thrive in your garden, and each of … Continue reading How to Grow a Wildlife Garden