Earthborn pigments come in a wide range of natural colours.

Create your own Colour with Natural Pigments

Sometimes only you know the colour that’s in your head, and having sifted through all the colour charts and tried as many sample pots as you dare, you’re still no nearer to finding quite the right thing for the job. Earthborn’s eco-friendly mineral pigments can used for all sorts of things to make unique colours that you won’t see anywhere else. These pigments can be … Continue reading Create your own Colour with Natural Pigments

5 Thrifty Uses for Leftover Insulation

When you find you can’t squeeze another inch of our good-enough-to-cuddle natural insulation between the attic joists, resist the urge to snuggle up in bed with the leftovers and keep your tools out for just one more Sunday afternoon. With what remains, you could: Hug the tub Your bathtub would benefit significantly from a woollen wrapping. Fit your scraps around the tub, inside the casing … Continue reading 5 Thrifty Uses for Leftover Insulation

Which Solid Wall Insulation?

About a third of homes in the UK have ‘solid’ walls, and solid walls are the cause of around 45% of the heat loss from those homes. Insulating a solid wall is a little trickier than fitting insulation into the existing gaps in cavity wall, and comes with a few unique hurdles to overcome. The insulation can either be applied internally or externally, and which … Continue reading Which Solid Wall Insulation?

Ben’s volunteering Blog: Days Two & Three at Long Wood and Denmark Farm

I was high on the feel-goodness of my first Sunday’s volunteering at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, so I committed myself to a whole weekend of it a fortnight later. Day One -Long Wood Community Woodland I heard about the Long Wood Community Woodland green build project from Gary at the farm, and arranged to help out with the build last Saturday 12th July. Long Wood … Continue reading Ben’s volunteering Blog: Days Two & Three at Long Wood and Denmark Farm

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is all about living harmoniously with our natural environment. Centred on growing food that is native and beneficial to the local area, permaculture also includes everything from sustainable building and renewable energy, to entertainment and waste management. Self-sufficiency Living a strict permaculture lifestyle would mean achieving total self-sufficiency, but there is plenty about the permaculture way of living that everyone can take something from. … Continue reading What is Permaculture?

Grow a Permaculture Garden

Most gardens follow a similar design, with a few shrubs around the edges and a large area of cut grass set between them. A permaculture garden makes much more of your outdoor space, allowing you to grow food and provide habitats for wildlife right on your doorstep! You can do this alone or as part of a group, like the Transition Towns that are cropping … Continue reading Grow a Permaculture Garden

What are Transition Towns?

You’ve probably come across the term ‘transition towns’, but even as the term becomes more and more common, lots of us still don’t really know what the whole transition thing is about. What is a transition town? Transition towns expand upon Permaculture, a sustainable way of living which combines a sense of community with a greater environmental conscience. Transition towns are made of things such … Continue reading What are Transition Towns?

Ben’s volunteering Blog: Day One at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre

On Sunday 22nd June, I delivered a couple of pots of paint to Gary at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre. We don’t ordinarily make personal deliveries from Celtic Sustainables, but when it makes sense then we’re more than happy to! It just happened that I’d already planned earlier on in the week to spend my Sunday volunteering at the Centre when Gary ordered his paint, and … Continue reading Ben’s volunteering Blog: Day One at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre

A Gardener’s alternatives to Peat

Peat is an important part of the ecosystem here in the UK, and since we’ve become a nation of such keen gardeners our supplies have been dwindling. Peat provides a home for all kinds of creatures from dragonflies to pheasants, and as a 1 cm layer takes around 10 years to form it is highly unsustainable. Thankfully, responsible gardeners have plenty of alternatives to choose … Continue reading A Gardener’s alternatives to Peat

Find it, Paint it, Love it: Brighten your Home with Painted Furniture

There’s nothing quite as simple and good at freshening up your home than touching up well-loved furniture with a splash of paint. Farrow & Ball has been busy putting brush to bucket with its Find it, Paint it, Love it campaign and has come up with some wonderful ideas for us to experiment with in our own homes. Take a look at the gallery below … Continue reading Find it, Paint it, Love it: Brighten your Home with Painted Furniture