How could Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems prevent Flooding Disasters?

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems – better known as SUDS – are designed to lower the risks of flooding in any particular area by creating more efficient means of draining water from areas prone to flooding without over-filling our existing drainage system. A significant contributor to the issue of flooding is the continual expansion and densification of urban areas. These town and city areas tend to … Continue reading How could Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems prevent Flooding Disasters?

How to Remedy Damp Walls

The simplest way of finding out whether you have a problem with damp walls in your house is to take a look at them and see whether you can spot any of the following common symptoms: Peeling wallpaper Black mould White salt stains Blistering emulsion and/or internal plasterwork You might also notice a nasty, damp smell. This could be what makes you notice the problem … Continue reading How to Remedy Damp Walls

Grow a Permaculture Garden

Most gardens follow a similar design, with a few shrubs around the edges and a large area of cut grass set between them. A permaculture garden makes much more of your outdoor space, allowing you to grow food and provide habitats for wildlife right on your doorstep! You can do this alone or as part of a group, like the Transition Towns that are cropping … Continue reading Grow a Permaculture Garden

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy comes from sources which aren’t going to run out. Since the industrial revolution, we’ve been relying on energy sources such as coal, oil, and gas. These fossil fuels are running out, and getting them from the ground is causing ever more destruction to our planet. Renewable sources don’t run out. The sun, wind, and the flow of water are all free for us … Continue reading What is renewable energy?

Find it, Paint it, Love it: Brighten your Home with Painted Furniture

There’s nothing quite as simple and good at freshening up your home than touching up well-loved furniture with a splash of paint. Farrow & Ball has been busy putting brush to bucket with its Find it, Paint it, Love it campaign and has come up with some wonderful ideas for us to experiment with in our own homes. Take a look at the gallery below … Continue reading Find it, Paint it, Love it: Brighten your Home with Painted Furniture

Why build with lime?

Lime has been used to build houses for over 2000 years, but in the 20th century the use of lime slowed down as cement took over for building thinner, taller masonry walls more quickly. But more recently, lime has become popular again as we’ve considered our effects on the environment and the need for longer-lasting designs. Lime lasts a long time – Roman constructions such … Continue reading Why build with lime?

Decorating with Children

Before your little ones have even picked up their overalls, your top priority will be their safety. Children and decorating can mix perfectly to create some beautiful work and wonderful memories too, but it can be dangerous if it isn’t done safely. We’ll give you some top decorating safety tips throughout this guide to make the experience as carefree as can be! Use Safe Paints … Continue reading Decorating with Children

How to Choose Paint Colours

It’s easy to look at a paint chart and pick out all of the colours you really like, but imagining those colours in the room you’re planning on painting – and knowing what different colours will look like when they’re put together – can be a much harder thing to do. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to choosing paint colours, which you … Continue reading How to Choose Paint Colours