The Benefits of Natural Insulation

Sheep Wool

When it comes to keeping warm, Mother Nature knows best. Natural insulation takes the wisdom of nature and puts it into your home where itchy fibreglass wool or non-biodegradable polystyrene slabs might have been used in the past.

The Benefits of Natural Insulation

There are many benefits of using natural insulation, including:

  • Materials such as sheep’s wool and hemp take less energy to manufacture, helping reduce carbon emissions
  • Natural insulations are breathable, stopping moisture from becoming trapped inside the house and causing damp and mould to form
  • The insulation can be recycled at the end of its life
  • Sheep’s wool and hemp is non-itch, non-irritant, and safe throughout its lifetime
  • Natural materials work at least as well or even better than conventional insulations
  • Natural insulation is fire-proof and rodent-resistant
  • Natural insulations provided by Celtic Sustainables are made in the UK, so the shipping is kept to a minimum

Natural Hemp Insulation

Hemp is a bit of a wonder-product, and hemp insulation is an excellent, environmentally-friendly product which offers a very good performance. Whilst the crop is making headway in the construction and building industry, we are also making clothes and cooking with hemp amongst other things. The plant grows very easily in harsh conditions, and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. Thermafleece Hemp insulation fits snugly between rafters, joists, and studs to offer fantastic insulation performance.

Sheep’s Wool Insulation

Sheep’s wool is a traditional insulation we’ve all felt the benefits of before (your warmest winter jumpers probably kept a sheep warm once upon a time), and it’s a real wonder-product for warming a whole house, too. Wool fibres act as a humidity buffer and absorb indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, and as wool grows it abrobs nearly 140 million kg of CO2 from the atmosphere here in the UK alone – that’s equivalent to emissions from 35,000 family cars! As wool regenerates, this is repeated year upon year. Thermalfeece wool insulations come in all shapes and sizes to suit your project.


One of the major benefits of using a natural insulation instead of a conventional insulation is its breathability. Other materials are not very good at allowing moisture to escape from the house, and can lead to dampness forming between joists or wherever the material is placed. This is no good either for you or the house! Natural materials have had plenty of time to perfect their own ways of letting moisture out, and have become better than anything else at doing so.


12 thoughts on “The Benefits of Natural Insulation

  1. It really makes sense to use Natural insulation but in the states we are behind times when it comes to making any sense. There are so many benefits to using hemp but it would take an act of Congress to anything about it and we all know how that goes.:)

    1. Unfortunately getting governments behind more energy-efficient technologies is not as easy as just telling them how good they are. But we are getting some great funding/initiatives here in Europe, and my optimism tells me things can only get better!

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